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2024 Maserati MC20 in Newport Beach

“Beyond THE SKY”

  • 3.0L V6 621 HP Engine
  • Next-gen interface TFT — cluster 10.2" R1 10.25" connected infotainment
  • Electronic Limited-Slip Differential
  • Sonus faber high premium sound system with 12 speakers
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Maserati MC20 Dealer in Newport Beach

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2024 Maserati MC20 performance

Out on the open road, the GT driving dynamics deliver a world of benefits.

GT Driving Mode: where performance and comfort truly meet. The Maserati GT soul lives on in the MC20. As the default drive mode, it allows for fluid shifting and soft suspensions that make the car's fierce power effortlessly accessible. Ideal for everyday driving, it delivers engaging grand touring comfort.

2024 Maserati MC20 performance


The Maserati Super Sports Car that pushes the boundaries of time. Race audaciously into a brave new future.

2024 Maserati MC20 performance

Astonishingly lightweight for supreme performance

Mid-engined, fast forward. The light MC20 body ensures a prodigious power to weight ratio, for a jaw-dropping acceleration and top speed.

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2024 Maserati MC20 Appearance Main Img
2024 Maserati MC20 appearance

ultra-light Carbon Fibre Monocoque

Italian motorsport engineering triumphs again. The hi-tech, ultra-light Carbon Fibre Monocoque was developed to make the MC20 stronger, faster, safer and dynamically phenomenal thanks to its high torsional and bending stiffness.

2024 Maserati MC20 appearance

BEST IN CLASS Ergonomics

Butterfly wing doors set the scene and make it easier to get in and out.

2024 Maserati MC20 appearance


Technical feel. From the pronounced front splitter to the aggressive rear diffuser, everything talks about cutting through the air.

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2024 Maserati MC20 comfort

Sonus faber high premium sound system with 12 speakers

High Premium audio system created by Sonus faber in collaboration with Maserati, winner of the EISA award for the best OEM system in cars 2021-2022.
- Natural sound of award-winning speaker systems achieved by optimizing phase and amplitude alignment between midrange and tweeter;
- Unprecedent dynamic range delivered by a high power 695-watt Class-D Dual 400MHz DSP amplifier with oversized power supply delivering twice the current required from the amplifier at maximum volume
- Smooth frequency response and a precise sound stage is enabled by 12 independently driven, speakers 2 doors Tweeters x 45W, 2 surround tweeters x 45W, 1 center tweeter x 45W, 2 doors Midranges x 60W, 1 center Midrange x 60W, 2 Surround Midrange x 45W, 2 Woofers x 100W.

2024 Maserati MC20 comfort

Power adjustable steering column

The steering column can be ordered with electric regulations for the height and for the distance from the driver.

2024 Maserati MC20 comfort


In the driver's seat, nothing distracts from the sporty experience. Essentials-only interior - each component serves a practical purpose. Inspired by luxury watches, the precious mechanical drive mode selector graces the Carbon Fibre central tunnel, reminding everyone onboard they are in a Maserati.

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Maserati North America, Inc. (herein referred to as MASERATI) warrants to the first retail purchaser and to subsequent retail purchasers (except as hereinafter provided) each new U.S. specification MASERATI Vehicle sold by an Authorized MASERATI Dealer to the retail purchaser to repair any item on your vehicle when it left the manufacturing plant that is defective in material, workmanship or factory preparation for a period of forty-eight (48) months or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first) from the date of delivery to the first retail purchaser.

2024 Maserati MC20 Safety Main Img
2024 Maserati MC20 safety

Autodimming exterior mirrors

The external rear view mirrors of the MC20 are power foldable and power adjustable and heated as a standard with integrated LED direction indicators. They can be chosen also auto-dimming to reduce the glare from following headlights to avoid dazzling the driver.

2024 Maserati MC20 safety

Engineered to PERFECTION

Every inch of the MC20 is crafted for a one-of-a-kind driving excitement.

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